2015 General Election Labour Norfolk Parliamentary Candidates

Below are all of the Labour Norfolk parliamentary candidates for the 2015 General Election, along with links to their websites to find out more information:

- Broadland - Chris Jones - www.drchrisjones.org
- Great Yarmouth - Lara Norris - www.gylabour.org.uk
- Mid Norfolk - Harry Clarke - www.harryclarkelabour.org
- North Norfolk - Denise Burke - www.norfolklabour.co.uk
- North West Norfolk - Jo Rust - www.nwnclp.org.uk
- Norwich North - Jess Asato - www.jessasato.org.uk
- Norwich South - Clive Lewis - www.clivelewis.org
- South Norfolk - Deborah Sacks - www.southnorfolklabour.com
- South West Norfolk - Peter Smith - www.petersmith4swnorfolk.org

Towards May 7th 2015

Across Norfolk our campaigning both for the General Election and for the District Council Elections has been in full swing for many months. We have a very strong team of Parliamentary Candidates.and many excellent council candidates have benn selected and are already on the #labourdoorstep. We are all working flat out to ensure that on May 8th Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister and Norfolk will once again have many Labour MPs fighting for a fairer and more equal society as we begin to repair the terrible damage inflicted on the country by the current Tory-led, Libdem supported, Coalition Government. We are confident that Norfolk voters will also elect many more Labour District Councillors.

"Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance, and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any. It is the good fortune of many to live distant from the scene of sorrow; the evil is not sufficiently brought to their doors to make them feel the precariousness..." (Common Sense by Tom Paine)

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates
We have a powerful team of Parliamentary candidates for Norfolk. They are : North Norfolk - Denise Burke, South Norfolk - Deborah Sacks, Norwich North -Jessica Asato, Norwich South - Clive Lewis, Great Yarmouth - Lara Norris, NW Norfolk - Jo Rust, SW Norfolk - Peter Smith, Mid-Norfolk - Harry Clarke, Broadland - Chris Jones

Norfolk Local Campaign Forum

The County Council has now reverted to a Committee, rather than a Cabinet, structure. The Council continues as a rainbow coalition skilfully led by Labour's George Nobbs, with the Conservatives as the opposition. In spite of the horrendous funding cuts imposed by the Tory-led government the council is still making progress. Our schools are already seeing significant improvement after the chronic neglect by Tory administrations. As is widely known, the Labour-led Council earlier this year cancelled the Corywheelabrator incinerator contract signed by the previous Tory administration, but the government is still at this point unwilling to compensate the Council for the massive financial penalty which the cancellation incurred. It should be remembered that Tory MPs Henry Bellingham and Elizabeth Truss were instrumental in persuading the Secretary of State to withdraw PFI credits, which ensured that the project was financially unviable.The farcical process leading to this contract cancellation is worth recording as it provides a snapshot of just how poorly Norfolk is served by the Conservative Party. The incinerator contract was signed by a Tory County Council, and included a massive penalty clause.When protests began in West Norfolk, and the Tory King's Lynn District Council saw which way the electoral wind was blowing it organised a borough-wide referendum. The verdict was overwhelmingly for the cancellation of the incinerator contract. Local Tory MPs now backed the cancellation and the Tory Secretary of State for Communities 'called in' the planning application. Subsequently the PFI credits were withdrawn, but Mr.Pickles still cannot make a decision on the application even though the contract had been cancelled by the Labour-led County Council. That's Norfolk Tories for you!

It has been decided by this LCF that we will not hold another meeting until after May 7th, but instead will focus all our energies on campaigning for Labour victories. The Executive Committee will deal with issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.
Peter Smith, Chair,Norfolk Local Campaign Forum


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